Diane helped me transform a charming traditional house into the warm home of my dreams. I have strong and distinct likes and dislikes. I know when I like a house or a room, but I have no idea how to pull together colors and elements to create the effect. Diane listened to me, learned the kinds of things I liked, and then stretched me to explore beyond my immediate comfort zone. Diane opened a whole new world of color and design to me. She nudged me from my customary pallet of gray and white into a world of warm and exciting color. Diane is especially good with colors!

— David Kremples, President Kremples Foundation

The level of trust Diane Hart engendered in such a short time was remarkable. I know both my money and my project were in the best of hands. I continue to hire Diane to create the most wonderful spaces for my home and offices, and I am always looking forward to the next project.

— Chip Crotty, President Protec

Diane’s most rewarding talent to me is her ability to come into my home, time and time again, and transform a space using the furniture and things that I love. After her thoughtful assessment, we push up our sleeves, move furniture, acquire artwork and objects from various rooms (if needed) and voila! She leaves me with a room that FEELS wonderful: beautiful, practical and knock my socks off…her balance of contemporary and classic, and her instincts with color are just a portion of what makes her such a unique and dynamic designer.

— Rebecca Taudvin

What do you do when you have a historic five-story condominium building that needs interior renovation? If you are smart, you will do what the Rockingham Board did—hire Diane Hart. Her interior design knowledge, creative ideas, keen color sense, and ability to work with our team made it all possible. Great work Diane, and many thanks.

— Helen Reid, Vice President Rockingham Condominium Portsmouth, NH